What to do if you have Found a Pet

If you have found a pet, whether it is a dog, cat or even a bird, its a great feeling if you can help and get the pet reunited with its rightful owner. Follow our simple guide to assist you finding the owner of the pet you have found.

As soon as you can, list the pets details you have found on our website. This will enable you to reach a wide number of people fast.

Our databases are checked daily by vets and shelters as well as the public and if you can add a photograph it greatly increases the chances of finding the owner.

Once listed on the Pet Register website, use our social promotions buttons to share the listing on our Facebook and Twitter if you have them and also get your friends to share and like.

Search our Lost Pet databases to see if there is a match to the pet you have found. When using the search its best to be aware that some breeds may be mis-named as quite a few people are very unsure of the different types of breeds of pets. Check locally and then widen the search as pets may have jumped in vans and travelled further afield.

Important Note:
Please be aware that if you have found a dog, you are required by law to contact your local animal warden. Please ring your local council office and ask for the Animal Warden. They will then log the details in case the owner makes contact. Click here for information on reporting the found dog to your local council.

Contact Local Rescue Centres / Animal Shelters

Try and contact as many local rescue centres and animal shelters as you can and log the details of the pet you have found. In many cases the owner of the lost pet will be ringing round these for information about the missing pet so if you can get the details registered with them then a happy reunion is very possible. Rescue organisations include RSPCA, SSPCA and Cats Protection etc.

Scan for a Microchip

Take the pet to your local vet clinic and they will be able to scan for a microchip and then contact the owner on your behalf a chip exists. This can lead to a fast reunite as most pet owners will have their pets chipped.

Knock on Doors

Dont be afraid to knock on doors of the area the pet was found in. Even if the householder is not the owner it may well be a pet that is very local and known to them. Also do not go door knocking on your own, take a friend or colleague and also a photo/poster/flyer of the pet with details if possible.

Place a photo advert in local shop windows

Place an advert in local shop windows in the area. High traffic shops with passing trade and foot traffic is perfect. Try and add a photo to the found pet advert if you can and you will find that shop owners will be happy to place the listing for you.

Word of Mouth

Tell everyone you can and get them to spread the word as well that a pet has been found and that you are trying to find the owner. You will be surprised how far and wide it will travel if a friend tells a work colleague and then they tell a friend, its networking at its finest to help a pet get home.

Found Pet Websites

Post a found pet message on other lost and found pet websites and other websites such as Twitter / Facebook / Gumtree and local community forums.

Its free to join the UK National Pet Register website and list found pets. We will also match the found pet to our lost pet databases and display any pet matches that we find.

Report a Lost or Found Pet

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